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Blackpool Dance Festival 2024


18th May - 31st May 2024


UK Formation Titles


11th - 12th May 2024

iceland logo.png

Iceland Dance Festival 


15th - 17th March 2024


British National Championships

16th - 19th November 2023


Blackpool Dance Festival

May 20th - June 2nd 2023


BDC and WDC Congress 2024


25th May 2024


Blackpool Junior Dance Festival


1st - 7th April 2024

Add a heading-5.png

Formation World Cup

9th - 10th March 2024



Sequence Festival

21st - 22nd October 2023

formation titles

The Formation Titles

13th - 14th May 2023

Screenshot 2024-04-23 at 13.13.01.png

Elite Training Camps


15th - 17th May 2024


WDCAL European Championships


29th - 31st March 2024


Champions of


5th - 7th January 2024



United Kingdom Classical Sequence Championships

8th July 2023

super sunday_edited.png

Super Saturday

on a Sunday

May 7th 2023

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